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We are the best Kendal SEO Consultants in Cumbria. We have a proven track of record of getting many clients to the top of search engines, such as Google, Bing & Yahoo, resulting in increased digital traffic and sales growth, GET FOUND TODAY.

Our SEO Consultant team Cumbria, will establish an SEO campaign that is suited to each individual client, so your company will be found by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Our digital design marketing agency can offer services in organic SEO, Google AdWords, Social PPC and social media marketing. We have a six-step plan that is listed below that will increase your companies traffic flow. 

Contact us now to discuss your options, we are the most experienced Cumbria SEO consultant and we will get you the results you deserve. 

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Steps to create a great SEO campaign Cumbria

Business Research

  • SEO Consultants Cumbria will conduct thorough research within your industry to establish information that will vastly improve your SEO campaign. Finding the best keywords for your business will aid in the on-page optimisation and quality backlinks that are vital to a good SEO campaign.

On Page Organic Optimisation

  • We use on-page organic SEO techniques to get your business indexed by search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo. Keywords are the basis of on-page SEO and keywords are essentially words that are used to help index your website. Keywords such as, SEO Cumbria, SEO Marketing Cumbria, SEO Consultants Kendal and SEO Agency Kendal are all keywords that would help index this website. 

Content Creation

  • Much like on-page optimisation, content creation is vital when optimising a website. Our SEO Consultants will write your content with a purpose, meaning it will be fully optimised and engage your readers, which is a skill we have mastered over time. 


  • Here at Big Buzz we understand the importance of backlinks. The backlink represents a ”vote in confidence” from one website to the other, which acts as a sign in confidence for the search engines. We will establish the best backlinks for your website that are going to boost your businesses reputation. 


  • We use tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console and Yoast SEO from the very start so we can analyse user engagement with your website. By doing this we can see what is working with your website and which things are not. SEO is always changing and we need to change with it to ensure your website is fully optimised. 

Monthly Reporting

  • SEO is always changing and we need to change with it to ensure your website is fully optimised at all times. That’s why Big Buzz SEO Consultants Cumbria will send you a monthly SEO report that will tell us if your website needs optimising or not.

Best Local SEO Consultant Cumbria

A Local SEO company that specialises in targeting search engine ranks for your company where you are based. Big Buzz is an SEO consultant agency based in Kendal, Cumbria. Our business is fully optimised to this area using organic & Local search engine optimisation. If you were to Google Big Buzz you would notice that we appear in Google Business Places on the local map, that is Local SEO. We offer Local SEO optimisation or search engine optimisation services for businesses all over Cumbria.

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